Obróbka metali skrawaniem, usługi CNC – Wałbrzych, Dzierżoniów – Zakład obróbki mechanicznej Zameh
One of the main areas of our business activity is the machining.

We machine all types of materials, such as:

  • construction steels,
  • stainless steels,
  • brass,
  • bronze,
  • copper,
  • aluminum,
  • plastics.
Our services
  • Turning, max 1400
  • Milling, max 3000
  • Boring
  • Grinding
  • Chiselling
  • Pull broaching
  • Drilling
  • Deep holes drilling, 160, L - 4000
  • Gear wheel cutting, Mod 12, 800
  • Forging
  • Sheet coiling, # 10, L - 2500
  • Sheet bending
  • Pipes bending
  • Sheet cutting
  • Material cutting
The combination of rich machinery park and optimally selected technologies guarantees the highest quality of products and services, both in serial production and piece production.

Thanks to qualified engineering staff we are able to optimize production costs and offer the most attractive solution adjusted to client’s requirements. We use a technology enabling maximal usage of raw materials, limiting creation of wastes and minimizing production costs.

We realize orders according to entrusted documentation, as well as our own projects.

We posses our own quality control department, equipped in high quality specialized measuring devices.

Products at every stage of the production process are subject to continuous control, what guarantees their high quality.